Ben Githae Biography, Education, Music Career, Scandal, Children & Songs -
Ben Githae Biography, Education, Music Career, Scandal, Children & Songs

Ben Githae Biography, Education, Music Career, Scandal, Children & Songs

Ben Githae is a 47-year-old Kenyan musician whose songs are primarily in Kikuyu. The musician has been in the business for quite a while and has made hit tunes, won awards and confronted his own scandals. In 2013, he released the political hit-melody “tano tena” for the rulling Jubilee Party.


He grew up in Gatundu and would frequently sing in any event, when others were picking coffee. Githae went to Muthurumbi Primary school where he would spend his free time composing lyrics for his colleagues. ‘small radio’ thats what many used to call him and all he really wanted was to hear a song two times and he’d master every word.

The “Tano Tena” hit wewnt to Ituro High School where he graduated with a C+ . His grandma employed him at her posho Mill. Jane Muthoni, a Kikuyu tune composer and artist, also worked at the posho Mill in those days.

While working at the posho plant, Githae was commonly known for his adoration for singing. In 1994, the vocalist gave his life to Christ and began forming songs with Jane Muthoni. They drove acclaim and love during church services. Ben told his mom that he would not go to the university yet but would do a career in music. This rankled his mom who thought he was discarding his future by not doing a professional course.

After taping himself in 1996, he approached Kamaru and released his first album, “Mwiri Uyu.” Kamaru carried the cost since Githae had no cash. The conditions of the agreement were un favourable. They expressed that after the sale of 2,000 tapes, he would begin getting 10 shillings for each tape sold.

The following album, “Chunga Ulimi Wako’ was released by Peter Kigia who gave better terms, an up front installment and 20 shillings for each tape. Afterward, he chose to produce the music himself and the launch of Kameme FM made it possible. The artist would in 2006 choose to modernize his music.

Kisima Award

A collection created at a studio in Westlands included the song “Mulianza na Roho” which won him the Kisima award. This honor was birthed by Ted Josiah and Pete Odera in 1994 to in annually recognize talent in East Africa.


Superstars and scandals are like twins and Ben Githae isn’t an exemption. In a exclusive interview with Tuko, Rose Wanjiru accused the wedded gospel singer for fathering twins with her and declining to assume liability. She said they met in 2011, started a relationship in 2012, followed by a pregnancy in 2016. Four months into the pregnancy, Rose says Ben demanded abortion. Upon her refusal, thugs were sent to her at Blue Springs hotel. She was admitted at Thika level five. The ‘mpango wa kando’ further cases the hit maker rejected a DNA test and that another lady had been undermining her.

During the said interview, the conspicuous artist was reached and invalidated the lady’s cases that he has been a deadbeat father. He said he has never denied the twins and gives monetary help.

The “Tabia Mbaya” vocalist conceded to Massawe Japani that he betrayed his better half. He proceeded to say that he has resolved some of the issues with his better half and can’t fault anybody for his errors.

“Siwezisema ni lini nilitoka njee ya ndoa lakini wacha niseme kutoka nilitoka. Mpaka ifike hapo ilikua kwa miaka, mke wangu alijua kitambo na ikaleta issues at family level. Zingine tukatatua na zingine tukaamua kuishi nazo. Siwezisema kulikua na issues kwa familia yangu ndio nikatoka njee. Wacha niseme ilikua tu ni tabia mbaya….”

Spouse And Children

The vocalist has two youngsters with his better half. Her first born, who is a accounts student at JKUAT, is 19 years of age while the younger one is in class 7. He wedded his wife 20 years ago, they were in same church group.

“My daughter is 19-years old. She is a second-year at Jkuat doing accounting, the other one is in class seven,” he said.

“I got married 20 years ago, and I met my wife in church. She was a singer and I was also singing in church.