Huddah Monroe Painful Recalls How Wahu And Nameless Treated Her Like Trash When She Was Still Broke 

Huddah Monroe recently disclosed that she has no intentions of collaborating with the renowned celebrity couple, Nameless and Wahu, regardless of the circumstances.

In a viral video circulating on social media, the petite socialite shared her account of how she faced condescension from Wahu and Nameless during her early struggles to establish herself in the entertainment industry.

Huddah reminisced about her past as a dancer, frequently sought after by artists to appear as a vixen in their music videos. Regrettably, she vividly recalled the demeaning treatment she received from Wahu and Nameless during an audition for their music video.

“While engrossed in my dance routines and waist movements, numerous Kenyan celebrities looked down on me. In particular, Nameless and Wahu, especially Wahu. Wahu had the audacity to dismiss me, claiming that I wasn’t qualified to dance for her,” Huddah recounted with sorrow.

Huddah firmly expressed her resolve to never collaborate with Wahu, citing the mistreatment she endured at her hands.

“Now, if someone like Wahu approaches me, requesting my participation in her music video, I simply respond, ‘Dude, we’re not living in 1963 anymore,'” Huddah asserted.