List of Former Citizen TV’s Tahidi High Actors, and What They Do Currently -

List of Former Citizen TV’s Tahidi High Actors, and What They Do Currently

Tahidi High, a popular Kenyan TV show, made its debut in 2006 and concluded in 2020 after a successful run, solidifying its status as a household name. In this essay, we will explore the current endeavors of the former Tahidi High stars, highlighting their accomplishments since the show’s end.

Abel Mutua, known for his portrayal of Freddy, a character known for his comical skits and confident demeanor, has continued to make his mark both on and off the screen. Besides acting, Mutua has ventured into scriptwriting, contributing to various local shows such as “The Real House Helps of Kawangware,” “Hapa Kule News,” “Mother in Law,” and “Lol Show,” among others. He also stars in the popular comedy series “Andakava” alongside Timothy Kimani, also known as Njugush. Mutua is the co-founder of Phil It Productions and has his own YouTube channel with over 257,000 subscribers.

Sarah Hassan, who played the role of Tanya, a shy and reserved character who captivated the audience, has since taken on different roles in various series such as “Saints,” “Changes,” and “Demigods.” Additionally, she has served as the host of Citizen TV’s wedding show. Currently, Hassan plays the lead role in Citizen TV’s “Zora” and also acts in the crime-related series “Crime and Justice.”

Dennis Mugo, known as OJ, Freddy’s partner in crime and a notable bad boy character, faced personal struggles that led to his departure from the show. Mugo later revealed that he battled depression and addiction, resulting in his dismissal from Tahidi High. However, he managed to overcome these challenges and is currently running for the Member of County Assembly seat for Ruguru Ngandori Ward in Embu on a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket in the upcoming August General Election.

Shirleen Wangari, who portrayed the strong and composed character Shish, has ventured into several other shows, including MTV’s “Shuga,” “The First Grader,” “Sense8,” “Captain of Nakara,” and “Lost in Africa.” Wangari also established her own film company, Blackwell, which focuses on telling African stories.

Ted Kitana, popularly known as Mr. Kilunda, the stern teacher who kept the students on their toes, decided to retreat to his rural home in Machakos County after the show’s conclusion. There, he established various businesses, including a salon and a barbershop, while also engaging in mixed farming. Kitana expressed contentment with his new life, stating that he has no plans to return to the city.

Philip Karanja, who portrayed the silent character Melvin, has risen to prominence as a renowned actor. He co-owns Phil-it Productions with Abel Mutua and previously worked as a film director at Royal Media Services (RMS) LTD.

Jackie Matubia, another lead actress in the drama series “Zora,” has diversified her career by establishing her own business called Fabulously Forward, which specializes in selling health and beauty products.

Angel Waruinge, known for her role as the strict Deputy Principal Miss Morgan, faced personal struggles, including depression and addiction. In an effort to move on from her character, Waruinge enrolled in a psychology program and has since embarked on acting, mentorship, and program tours across various schools in Kenya. She also holds a position as a business executive at Nairobi Performing Arts Studio.

Joseph Omari, who played the role of Mr. Tembo, the iron-fisted Principal, has chosen to live a private life in his rural home since the show’s conclusion, enjoying a peaceful existence with the support of his children.

Albert Kimani, the actor behind the character Joni, has become a notable figure in the media industry. After leaving Tahidi High, he worked as a business executive at Madison Insurance Company before joining Royal Media Services (RMS) LTD as a media consultant. Currently, he is employed at Ipsos Limited in the Audience Measurement Service Line department.

Joseph Kinuthia gained fame through his character Omosh, the school gardener. However, he faced financial hardships after the show ended. In a heartwarming turn of