Thee Pluto Responds To A Fan’s Warning After Georgina Dumps Baha -

Thee Pluto Responds To A Fan’s Warning After Georgina Dumps Baha

In light of the online rumors surrounding the paternity of Zoe, the daughter of Thee Pluto and Felicity, some fans responded sarcastically to his comment, despite him providing evidence by revealing their baby’s face and refuting the claims. One comment, in particular, seemed to anger Thee Pluto, leading him to respond harshly to a person named Bryan who insinuated that Felicity would follow in Georgina’s footsteps.

Thee Pluto’s comment was as follows: “Ulipewa kichwa kubebea mate ukanyimwa akili” (You were given a head to carry saliva, but denied a brain).

Recently, Thee Pluto and Felicity shared a video on their YouTube channel, unveiling the face of their 8-month-old daughter, Zoey, and explaining their reasons for doing so.

“We decided to reveal her face at this stage because sometimes when we go out, like to the supermarket, if I’m holding Zoe, I have to cover her completely so that she won’t be seen. We just have to hide her. In Kenya, for no reason at all, you can trend if a fan takes a photo and starts claiming, ‘Those guys don’t want to show the face of their child. We have seen her, here is the photo.’ To relieve the pressure, we thought it would be best to reveal her face at this age,” Thee Pluto explained.

Thee Pluto’s relationship is often compared to that of the Mbaya family, whose relationship has been unstable. Yesterday, Georgina revealed that she and Baha were no longer together.