Diamond Platnumz Gifts His Girlfriend A Prize Worth 94 Million -

Diamond Platnumz Gifts His Girlfriend A Prize Worth 94 Million

Despite the fact that they have refused to confirm their relationship status, the African beauty hitmaker and Zuchu have been fueling speculation that they are an item by sharing intimate images of themselves online.

Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu, both members of the Wasafi Classic Band in Tanzania, have been causing a stir in the entertainment industry in recent months. With fans seeing the two cuddling up to each other on numerous occasions, rumors have been circulating that they are dating.

Although their behavior has been unpredictable, the couple has reportedly been lavishing expensive gifts on each other. Zuchu, the Zunguka singer, recently gifted her employer and supposed lover a gold chain worth 1.5 million Kenyan shillings, while Diamond Platnumz reportedly presented Zuchu with a chain worth 94 million Tanzanian shillings, which she shared on Instagram.

Zuchu, who is the daughter of renowned taarab singer Khadija Kopa in Tanzania, is no stranger to the music industry. In fact, she collaborated with Diamond on the hit single “Nasema Nawe” in 2015, further fueling rumors about their relationship status.