Pritty Vishy: I Don’t Feel Guilty For Cheating On Stivo Simple Boy

Pritty Vishy, known by her real name as Purity Vishenwa, engaged in infidelity with three different men while in a relationship with Stivo Simple Boy. Ultimately, Stivo decided to end their relationship, opting to pursue a connection with the singer Adasa. This tumultuous split became the center of attention on social media when a video surfaced, capturing Pritty Vishy’s uncontrollable tears and her deep-seated confusion regarding Stivo’s choice.

Subsequently, Purity Vishenwa embarked on a journey to rebuild her life, which included her admission of unfaithfulness during her time with the rapper. In an interview with Mpasho, she candidly confessed to cheating on Stivo with three other individuals, whom she referred to as “wababas.” These individuals had been providing her with financial support, all while Stivo remained unaware of her actions. Remarkably, Purity Vishenwa expressed a lack of remorse about her infidelity, asserting that she harbors no regrets.

Furthermore, she disclosed that her newly single status has attracted more admirers, often characterized as “wababas,” pursuing her through direct messages on social media. Some of these suitors are considerably older than her. However, Purity Vishenwa declared her transformation and her unwillingness to revert to her previous behavior. Her direct message inbox has since become inundated with attention from potential suitors.