Karen Nyamu. ''I Will Never Replace Samidoh's Wife. I want an Ethiopian Man'' -
Karen Nyamu. ''I Will Never Replace Samidoh's Wife. Why I Am Craving For Ethiopian Dishes''
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Karen Nyamu. ”I Will Never Replace Samidoh’s Wife. I want an Ethiopian Man”

In the recent past, there are many single ladies in society. Fortunately, many of them do extraordinary things in the community. Most of them are very successful in their careers, business, and leadership. Luckily she loved being a single lady when she was young. Her mother always asked her the reasons as to why she loved being single. She also admired people like Martha KaruaRacheal Shebesh, and others.

Many years down the line she is now, an upcoming politician. She came to the limelight in 2020. Many people knew her due to her relationship with Samidoh. Samidoh is a Benga Musician and has a family. Karen is now pregnant with Samidohs secondborn child. Despite the criticism in social media, she says that it’s her life.

”I did everything in my right conviction and consent. I don’t regret what I do. It’s my life and I always follow my dream and heart desire.” She adds. As for her, she says that Samidoh is attractive, funny, good-looking, and has a good heart. He is also caring and loves his family. Every woman could fall for him. If a woman wants something, she is always determined to get it.

According to Karen, she always respects Samidoh’s wife. Even if she comes in between them, they can never leave each other. She adds that she can never take her position as the first wife. Karen adds that she doesn’t how everything happened so first. At times she regrets what she did but there are some situations that can never change. She can never replace Samidoh’s wife.

Karen is now carrying a third-born child. She says that at first, she was very stressed. She always doubted if she was as pregnant. After going for a scan, she believed she was pregnant. Luckily Samidoh had no problem with the pregnancy. She adds that Samidoh told her that it’s up to her to take care of herself and the unborn baby. Congratulations to Samidoh for being responsible and being there for Karen.

Karen is mostly craving to eat Ethiopian dishes. Apart from traveling abroad, she loves road trips, watching movies, drinking wine, and being indoors.

Unfortunately, Karen’s father was not happy about the videos Karen posted on social media. In fact, mostly when she called his father, he didn’t pick the calls. Later they were able to reconcile. ”My father visits me severally. At times he even meets Samodoh at my place. Fortunately, he has no problem with my relationship.” She adds.

In the recent past, Karen claimed that Samidoh had slapped her. She also adds that Samidoh even broke her phone worth a lot of money. In return, Karen went to social media spilled the beans. On her Instagram, she took a video while crying. She even narrated the incident. For he adds that she did it for revenge. In order to let the pain out, she decided to let everybody know about it. To her, she knew Samodoh could never talk about it.

When asked if she could like her firstborn to be like her, she said yes. She is very conservative, a go-getter, and loves risking. She also believes in herself.

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