“Analala Naye”: Man Who Married Single Mum of 2 Says He is Tired, Claims She Sleeps With Baby Daddy -

“Analala Naye”: Man Who Married Single Mum of 2 Says He is Tired, Claims She Sleeps With Baby Daddy

A tweet by a married man has sparked controversy on the internet as he expressed his exhaustion. The man, known as @adejaAi, shared his experience of taking care of his wife, who is a single mother of two, and shed light on her ongoing visits to her ex-lover, whom she claimed was depressed after losing his job.

In response to another user discussing ways to maintain a long-term relationship, @adejaAi vented his frustrations. He revealed that despite her ex-boyfriend’s negative character, his wife continued to visit him for sexual encounters, despite being married to @adejaAi. Moreover, @adejaAi disclosed his contributions to the family, such as putting her kids through school and providing for them, but he complained that she denied him intimacy.

Expressing his discontent, @adejaAi wrote, “Honestly, I’m exhausted. I find myself in a relationship with a single mother who has two children. Despite her claims about her ex being a terrible person, she still frequently visits him for sex, while we are married. I have done everything I can to support her and her children, but she refuses to engage in intimacy with me.”

Upon receiving a comment suggesting that his wife might be cheating on him, @adejaAi acknowledged the situation, admitting, “I know she sleeps with him. However, she justifies it by saying he’s the father of her children, and he’s depressed because he lost his job.”

The reactions on social media varied. @zannons_ commended @adejaAi’s efforts, believing that he would be rewarded for his selflessness. @eddielamp1 advised him to consider finding a single lady who would appreciate his kindness, suggesting that he was being taken advantage of. @NuelAdejumo expressed a strong opinion, stating that if the story were true, @adejaAi deserved punishment before being rescued from his “wife.” @TheEmmanuel001 urged @adejaAi to seek help from his mother or a spiritual institution, emphasizing the need to break free from the perceived spell of love.

Reactions on social media:

@zannons_ applauded @adejaAi for his actions, stating, “Your benevolence will be rewarded by God. Keep going, remembering that you are doing this for her, her ex, your stepchildren, yourself, for God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Your reward awaits you in heaven!”

@eddielamp1 suggested, “There are plenty of single ladies out there. Find one and settle down with her. It seems like you are being taken advantage of.”

@NuelAdejumo expressed a stern view, stating, “If this story is true, you deserve a severe scolding before we rescue you from your ‘wife’.”

@TheEmmanuel001 advised, “Brother, upon reading this tweet, call your mother to take you to the village and cleanse you spiritually. Alternatively, seek help from a spiritual institution that can use fire to break the spell on your mind. You might be laboring in vain. Don’t ruin yourself.”