Trio Mio Mother Says ” Wamama Wazee Wanamtumia Video Na Picha Chafu ” Wanamtaka!!

Kerion Mwiathi, widely known by his stage name Trio Mio, stands out as a prominent Kenyan youth musician and entertainer, achieving popularity with his hit songs from an early age.

In a recent interview with Mwalimu Churchill Kingangi, Trio Mio’s mother disclosed an unsettling revelation about the increasing number of girls and women attempting to establish connections with her under-18 son. Taking on the role of his manager, she emphasized her responsibility for managing all of Trio’s social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Surprisingly, she highlighted that the majority of Trio’s followers are unaware of her involvement in this aspect of his career.

Furthermore, Trio Mio’s mother expressed her distress at having come across inappropriate and offensive videos and photos sent by female admirers. She went on to share her concerns about the potential influence of such interactions on her son, emphasizing the need for prayer and support to safeguard him from succumbing to negative behaviors, especially as he is on the brink of turning 18 this year.