“Aliniambia Niko down kama gari za kuenda Mwiki” Pastor Kanyari Painfully Recalls How Gospel Singer Betty Bayo Dumped Him.

Reflecting on his past marriage failure, Pastor Kanyari shared insights about the significance of women’s contributions to a relationship, even when financial stability is present. The controversial preacher, known for his turbulent union with gospel singer Betty Bayo, recently addressed his congregation during a sermon, offering advice to men navigating the challenges of ending marriages.

Encouraging men not to be disheartened if their wives decide to leave, Kanyari drew from his personal experience, emphasizing that women may choose to depart even when a man is financially prosperous. In his words, he stated, “Do not be upset about being abandoned by your wife because even I was left. God is revealing to me, Kanyari, that women contribute to a relationship, even if you have money. She left a V8 and a Range Rover.”

Despite his acknowledgment of the role women play in relationships, Pastor Victor Kanyari remains unmarried. In contrast, his ex-wife Betty Bayo has moved on and found love again, tying the knot with Hiram Gitau, also known as Tosh, six years after her marriage to Kanyari ended. The gospel singer, who shares two children with Kanyari, nullified their marriage in 2015 following revelations of fake miracles performed by the preacher.

Their union, which commenced in 2012, faced public scrutiny and ultimately concluded in 2015. Post-breakup, Betty accused Kanyari of various issues, including alleged pressure to bleach her skin. Betty eventually found a new love and unveiled her partner’s identity in September 2021, following an initial introduction in May of the same year. The couple celebrated their union with a traditional wedding ceremony on December 19, 2021.