Kakamega funeral drama :Man Busted Putting Two Eggs Inside Coffin-"Witchcraft is Real "
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Kakamega funeral drama :Man Busted Putting Two Eggs Inside Coffin-“Witchcraft is Real “

People have different convictions relating to the death and hence they wind up doing some cultural practices to drive away malicious spirits that might return following the burial of a family member or loved one. There are different justifications for why some cultural practices are practiced thus all communities have their own specific manner of getting things done.

A burial service in Western Kenya at Mumias in Kakamega County was brought to a stop after a man was found doing the unexpected.

The man recognized as Benson Mumia carried the memorial service to a stop when he put two eggs inside the casket of the dead. The man in the strange scene had placed one egg beside the head of the deceased and he additionally positioned the other one on the left half of the coffin.

The incident started responses from the grievers as many ganged against Benson demanding a clarification to why he did that. The memorial service was halted for some time after the angry mourners started beating the ‘suspect’ leaving him with serious wounds. The Bishop directing the service had to mediate to keep the ‘suspect’ from the beatings.

As indicated by sources from the area , the man had set the two eggs inside the coffin since he is believed to have been involved with the passing of the deceased. It is believed that the act of putting the eggs was intended to keep spirits from the perished from tormenting him.

Kenyans online have responded to the occurrence featuring that those are black magic convictions from some people thus to know the truth, the man ought to be compelled to eat those eggs.