“Her Spiritual Eyes Are Working”: Blind cute Little Girl Walks Around the House without Help, Video Stuns people

A little girl has earned accolades from netizens after showing off her brilliance in a short clip shared on TikTok.

Despite being visually impaired, the child was able to move around the house without bumping into anything.

Her happy mother shared the video in response to many who have been curious to know if the little girl could do things on her own. The child was spotted moving around the house gently and smartly climbing some steps.

Social media reactions

@janachie said:

“Wow, just wow! Amazing. God is leading that little girl so well.

She didn’t even miss a step nor knock anything. Sense of direction is topnotch.”

@tshitsadi29 commented:

“Wow baby girl is amazing my God bless her and grand her a good living spirit to conquer this world.”

@laurynmurwayi said:

“This broke my heart same time am smiling seeing how Gods Love can work even for the blind. She’s feeling the mum recording her and senses everything.”

@shikuh001 noted: “Waoo she got spiritual eyes.”

@jrmogashoa reacted:

“Wow I love her so much. her instinct are very sharp. I doubt she will even need guide dog or stick. Much love for her.”

@kabelosibanyoni61 added: “This is amazing, she didn’t even bump into anything. Bless her.”