Meet ;Gathuki Mundu A Man Who Introduced ‘Ngogoyo’ Show At Inooro FM

If you are a devoted listener of Kikuyu radio stations and their captivating programs, chances are you’ve heard of the renowned Kameme FM radio presenter, Gathuki Mundu. He is the charismatic host of the beloved “Nyama Choma Show,” which airs every Saturday and Sunday.

During a recent interview with Jeff Kuria TV, Gathuki Mundu revealed an intriguing piece of history. He proudly claimed that he played a pivotal role in bringing forth one of the most adored shows in Kikuyu land, “Ngogoyo,” which currently airs on Inooro FM every Sunday afternoon. This show, curated by Kamau Wa Kangethe, features a delightful selection of classic songs from yesteryears.

Gathuki Mundu fondly shared how, during his tenure at Inooro FM, he diligently sought out and compiled these cherished old-school songs, which eventually led to the remarkable popularity of the “Ngogoyo” show. As the host of this show himself, he witnessed its ascent to the number one spot among all Kikuyu vernacular shows.

With a sense of pride, Gathuki recounted that as he embarked on a new journey at Kamene FM, he entrusted the baton of the “Ngogoyo” show to the capable hands of Kamau Wa Kangethe, who has since become affectionately known as the “governor” of “Ngogoyo.”

“I take great pride in introducing the ‘Ngogoyo’ show and watching it capture the hearts of our listeners. As I moved on to Kamene FM, I passed the reins to Kamau Wa Kangethe, knowing he would continue to delight the audience with these timeless classics that I had carefully collected for Inooro FM,” he expressed with a smile.

Gathuki’s contributions to the success of the “Ngogoyo” show remain a testament to his passion for Kikuyu music and his enduring commitment to preserving the cultural heritage of the region.