“Brown Mauzo hata ako na kitu ndogo kama pencil” Vera Sidika now claims days after separating with baby daddy

Vera Sidika has deliberately maintained a low profile following a turbulent incident that ultimately led to the dissolution of her relationship with Brown Mauzo, her celebrity baby daddy.

In response to an online troll targeting her character, Vera Sidika refuted allegations made by Brown Mauzo, who accused her of being a public urination spot. Dismissing such reports, she asserted that this was merely an unjust attack on women.

Moreover, Vera Sidika went on to associate her ex-partner, Brown Mauzo, with the use of sex enhancement pills in an attempt to impress her in the bedroom—an aspect that conflicted with her Christian beliefs. Expressing her dismay, she stated, “Every time we wanted to engage in the act, he would ingest boosters. I am genuinely surprised he is labeling me as a public urination spot when he himself possesses something as small as a pencil.”

In a separate social media post, Brown Mauzo reflected on the tendency of humans to overlook the value of their loved ones until they lose them, leading to subsequent feelings of sorrow and regret.

Back in May, Vera hinted at the breakup through a post she shared, further solidifying the confirmation of their separation.