Henry Desagu: My Girlfriend Dumped Me For A Mzungu Because I Was A Painter, But Now I’m a Millionaire. -

Henry Desagu: My Girlfriend Dumped Me For A Mzungu Because I Was A Painter, But Now I’m a Millionaire.

Henry Desagu, one of the most renowned and celebrated online comedians and content creators, recently opened up about his challenging past during an interview on the Iko Nini show. Hailing from Nakuru, he grew up in a large family with 14 siblings, as his father had two wives and was financially well-off, ensuring that their education expenses were covered without any difficulty.

Upon completing his secondary education, Desagu delved into the streets of Nakuru, determined to make ends meet as a mere hustler. He took up various odd jobs, including painting buildings and selling discs, demonstrating his willingness to take on any task that came his way.

During this period, fate led him to cross paths with a beautiful woman, and they fell in love. However, it soon became apparent that she desired a partner of greater financial means. Heartbroken, Desagu found himself abandoned as she began dating a white boy, the son of the employer who had offered him the painting job. Despite the pain he endured, he refused to be defeated and persisted in his hustle.

His determination paid off when he eventually joined Kenyatta University. It was during his time there that his passion for comedy started to blossom. Embracing the world of online entertainment, Desagu quickly became one of the first comedians to go viral, earning him substantial income and transforming him into a YouTube millionaire.

Today, Henry Desagu lives a life of luxury and opulence, collaborating with multimillion-dollar brands that generously compensate him for his work. His journey serves as a compelling testament to the idea that there is always light at the end of every tunnel. From a humble painter to a thriving online sensation, Desagu’s story reminds us that perseverance and dedication can lead to remarkable success and personal growth.