Krg The Don: Maisha ya Nairobi Ni Expensive, Akothee Ni Tajiri Wa Ushago tu

Krg the Don, a well-known Kenyan celebrity and dancehall musician, has recently expressed his criticism towards Akothee, also known as Madam Boss, referring to her as a village tycoon incapable of managing the affluent lifestyle of Nairobi.

During an interview with 2mbili, Krg the Don argued that comparing someone with a mansion in Nairobi to someone with a mansion in the village is unreasonable. He asserted that the ongoing rivalry between Akothee and Jaguar is easily discernible, and Kenyans should simply observe to determine who is truly wealthy.

According to Krg, Akothee does not possess any mansions in Nairobi. Her two mansions are located in the village, as it is more affordable to own a mansion in a rural area compared to the expensive real estate market of Nairobi.

Krg contended that individuals who own mansions in Nairobi are considerably wealthier than those who solely possess properties in the village. He urged Kenyans to refrain from comparing village tycoons to city tycoons, as there exists a stark contrast between the two.

Additionally, Krg emphasized that Akothee’s wealth is confined to her village, and therefore, she should focus on her rural assets and livestock. Nairobi tycoons, on the other hand, possess substantial wealth and have access to phone applications and websites capable of generating up to Ksh. 1 million per hour.

According to Krg the Don, Jaguar is wealthier than Akothee primarily because Akothee’s wealth is limited to her village, while Jaguar owns expensive mansions and properties in Nairobi.