“Umetumika Na Waarabu”: Nyako Fires At Rosie For Denying Knowing Her

TikTok personality Pilot Nyako has responded strongly to the claims made by the viral Siaya girl who professed ignorance about knowing her. Nyako, on her TikTok account, criticized the viral nanny for allegedly acting without awareness, asserting that she is being exploited by a Lebanese family.

During an interview with presenter Ali, Roselyne Atieno, also known as Rosie, insisted that she does not know TikToker Nyako. When questioned about Nyako, Rosie simply stated, “Simjui” (I don’t know her).

Before Rosie’s interview, Pilot Nyako had stirred controversy by expressing her views on the viral nanny, claiming that Arabs are not trustworthy individuals. Nyako suggested that Rosie had been manipulated and generously compensated to portray positive character traits of Arabians.

In response to Rosie’s denial of their acquaintance, Pilot Nyako accused her of pretending. Nyako angrily addressed Rosie, saying, “Utatutafuta wewe, wewe wa Lebanon, nani hanijui Gulf? Nani?” (You will look for us, you from Lebanon, who doesn’t know me in the Gulf? Who?) Nyako expressed her frustration, emphasizing that Rosie cannot live off the followers she has gained and has been used by the Arabs.

Continuing her criticism, Nyako remarked, “Hakuna kurudi huko Uarabuni, na vile unakaa hujui Wakenya wenzako. It’s just a matter of time you will look for us. Huwezi kula hao followers uko nao, umetumika na Warabu” (There is no going back to Arabia, and the way you carry yourself shows you don’t know your fellow Kenyans. It’s just a matter of time before you seek us out. You can’t survive on those followers; you have been used by the Arabs).

Nyako further predicted that Rosie would soon face the harsh realities of Kenya’s economy, emphasizing the need for her to confront this truth within a short period.