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I heard a heated discussion on radio one morning on my approach to work.

The discussion was on light-cleaned ladies versus the dull cleaned. The male radio host was persuaded that light-cleaned ladies are the exemplification of magnificence.

Light-cleaned ladies by and large have it simple in life, he said. They are more prone to land positions and spouses quicker than their dim skin partners, he declared. Dull cleaned ladies then again, he accepts, are not exceptionally fortunate in life.

He implied they expected to work twice difficult to get perceived, and all the light-cleaned ladies needed to do was to simply sit pretty and let things be ruined them.

I have expounded on this before; this tussle of the excellence trophy between light-cleaned ladies and dull cleaned ladies. From the look of things, it would seem that the dull skin group is battling a losing fight and the light-skin young ladies are conveying the day. Image result for photos of a traditional african woman

Huge LIE

There is a myth that light-cleaned young ladies are prettier and better. Most men won’t concede this, however they unpretentiously lean toward light-cleaned ladies to their dull cleaned partners. Indeed, men who pack a light-cleaned young lady think about that as an accomplishment of sorts. Gracious, and what do you know, I had dated this riff-raff once, who made it pass that he needed ‘cocoa kids,’ which obviously, given my dim skin naturally precluded me from the race.

I am a dull cleaned young lady and this issue of skin shading doesn’t generally enter my thoughts. It barely irritates me in light of the fact that from a youthful age, I grew up being informed that I am “adorable” and as of late, it has been guaranteed that I am ‘bootylicious’. So skin shading for me is the slightest of my worries.

So why am I expounding on skin shading, in the event that it doesn’t trouble me?

Indeed, for once, it has arrived at my acknowledgment that there are a few characters on social networking and neighborhood media who are alienating dim cleaned ladies on the premise of their skin shading.

Twitter is particularly infamous for this, with lecherous jokes, inconsiderate comments and corrupting remarks being made about dull cleaned young ladies, while excessively celebrating the light-cleaned ladies.

When I began composing this section around five minutes back, I was in a decent mind-set. Since I have picked up force, I am writing ceaselessly irately, blasting the console like it stole something from me.

Which just means one thing; my foul temperament has kicked in. Also, you would prefer not to be on my way when I am in “best” mind-set.

This trolling of dull cleaned ladies on online networking, web journals and neighborhood radio stations has gone too far. Possibly the time it now, time to teach some of these foolish, semi-uneducated radio moderators and Twitter ‘head honchos’ on a few truths about skin shading.

You see, you might all lean toward light-cleaned ladies to dim cleaned, torpedoing dim cleaned ladies for something that is outside their ability to control, yet wowser one thing; we are all dark individuals. Light-cleaned, chocolate, dull cleaned with our unusual hair and sizeable rear ends, we are all African. From Nubians, to Nigerians, Kenyans to Ethiopians and Somalis, we are all dark. Africans. Image result for photos of a traditional african woman                      Image result for photos of a traditional african woman

According to the white man ‘mzungu’, we are all African. Dark individuals. Previous slaves of the pilgrim expert. Relatives of Mau opportunity contenders. Also, in light of the fact that this is an individual space, I will say what numerous individuals are hesitant to say.

Whether light-cleaned or dim cleaned, we are all Africans and we are all on the less than desirable end of prejudice and racial profiling from a few mzungus who don’t see light skin or dull skin, yet just see “African” and ‘Dark’. Whether light-cleaned or dull cleaned, you will at present be acutely checked in a garments store in Amsterdam on the grounds that they think you will shoplift. Whether light-cleaned or dim cleaned, you will in any case be denied a Visa to the UK or the US on the grounds that you resemble a poor bloke searching for a superior life in the UK.

Whether light-cleaned or dim cleaned, you will at present get poor administration at nearby Chinese and Italian restaurants on the grounds that you are African and on the grounds that they think you can’t bear the cost of a dinner at that restaurant in Westlands. You will in any case get poor administration at the Coast regardless of the fact that you are light-cleaned. You will even now procure not as much as that mzungu in your office, light-cleaned or dull cleaned. So dear radio moderator, Twitter top dog, and the man who inclines toward light-cleaned young ladies; grow up, get off your overinflated ego kid and get your Nubian self some instruction. We are all African, here that? African. Dark.
Image result for photos of a traditional african woman

Treating light-cleaned Africans better than the dull cleaned is out and out doltish. I am not utilizing hard words today in light of the fact that I am aware of your unschooled self. By treating light-cleaned ladies better than the dim cleaned, you are fixing all awesome work done my granddad and the various Mau opportunity warriors who were excluded, starved, tormented and sexually misused by the white pilgrim expert for the purpose of flexibility.

Those men who lean toward lightskinned ladies and treat dull cleaned ladies with contemptible and bile are similar to the associates and homeguards who deceived their kindred kinsmen for a bit of meat and a cut of bread.

Disgrace on you, Twitter top dogs and radio moderators who endeavor to separation us Kenyan society on premise of our skin shading. Dedan Kimathi and my granddad did not battle for you moron bozos to sit there, behind that mouthpiece and that PC to make idiotic comments about your kindred Africans.


This is devoted to Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero and his delegate Jonathan Mueke.

I will likely get into a ton of inconvenience for this, however Iet this be the exact opposite thing I do before I am sued to the last penny.

Your e-stopping framework is an aggregate disappointment, a disgraceful sham and a humiliation to your legacy.

As a driver who parks her auto in the CBD, I am an exceptionally furious and disappointed citizen who wishes regardless we had the Nairobi City Council set up. Your e-stopping framework is continually encountering framework disappointments and specialized glitches, which squanders my time and that of different drivers in the surge hour when we are all hustling to work. Your client administration is poor and your stopping specialists are discourteous and heartless.

I don’t know whether this is a disappointment as an afterthought of the district government or whether somebody in your administration is deliberately disrupting you, however Nairobi drivers are not content. We pay you to make the city run easily. We couldn’t care less how, however we pay you to take care of business.

We simply need to stop and pay without tears. We simply need your frameworks to work. We just need you to do just 20 every penny the occupation we chose you to do, and not make individuals fear going to work.

Might I remind you, Kidero and Mueke that you have just two more years to make up for yourself. Something else, on the off chance that you don’t take care of business, we will request that you take a long walk.

Goodness, and you don’t need to react to this, I simply need you to peruse and realize that I am viewing both of you nearly.

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