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Netizens Reactions As Foodie Boina Lands A Job In NRG Radio

Following the announcement of Boina, the renowned food enthusiast, landing a presenting position at NRG Radio, online communities are abuzz with reactions.

Boina, famously known as “That Girl Boina,” is brimming with excitement as she embarks on this new chapter in her career journey. After undergoing a thorough interview process, NRG Radio selected Boina to join their team, recognizing her unique talent and vibrant personality.

Her appointment comes amidst a wave of fresh faces joining the station, following the departure of other presenters.

At NRG Radio, Boina will take on the role of co-host on the popular show, NRG Midday Pulse, alongside five other presenters. Starting at noon, listeners can expect to be enthralled by Boina’s infectious energy and engaging conversations.

This new opportunity marks a significant milestone for Boina, transitioning her from online fame to the world of radio broadcasting.

Boina’s achievement has sparked a range of reactions among internet users. Some argue that she did not earn the position, shedding light on the challenges faced by many graduates in the field of mass communication who are still seeking employment. Conversely, others have celebrated her success, offering congratulations and encouragement for her to continue shining with her talents.

Boina’s rise to fame began in 2023 when she started sharing videos of her daily eating rituals on TikTok. What started as a simple documentation of her meals quickly caught the attention of viewers, thrusting her into the spotlight.