Tom Daktari cries As Children Crash His Car With Stones

Digital content creator Tom Daktari experienced profound dismay during his Sunday church service when unidentified children pelted his car with stones, leaving it damaged and his heart heavy.

In a widely circulated video circulating online, the TikTok sensation was captured visibly perturbed as he inspected the aftermath of the children’s mischief around his vehicle.

As witnessed by Mideyah Digital Media, the children brazenly adorned the car with deep zigzag lines, almost entirely altering its original black hue with their impromptu artwork.

Expressing his frustration, Tom Daktari revealed that he had parked his Mercedes Benz alongside other vehicles outside the church, only for the children to single out his car as their canvas for artistic expression, albeit unwelcome.

“Though they say children are a blessing, today it feels as though they’ve been bewitched. Out of all the cars, they chose mine here at the church to deface with drawings, ensuring they reached even the metal beneath the paint,” lamented the disheartened Daktari.

He further disclosed that the extent of the damage would necessitate a fresh paint job, an unexpected expense he had not budgeted for. He expressed disbelief at the children’s actions, noting that they swiftly absconded to their mothers upon completing their mischief, suggesting they were acting under some form of directive.

“We now have to resort to repainting after their stone painting session. They left their mark and fled to their mothers, but we must accept it as part of God’s plan. They say everything happens for a reason, but I wish they could enlighten me on the reason behind this,” he added.

Tom Daktari had recently acquired his new Mercedes Benz in early 2024 and had excitedly shared the news with his followers on social media, attributing it to God’s grace and benevolence.