The Rise And Fall Of Shaffie Weru, From Ksh50,000 Salary In 1998 To Ksh682,500 In 2021… And Losing It All

Shaffie Weru’s journey in the media industry commenced in 1998 when he secured a position at Citizen TV as a reporter and producer, earning a monthly salary of Ksh50,000. During that era, Ksh50,000 was considered a substantial income, placing Shaffie among the city’s highest earners.

Although Shaffie held the role of a producer, it was somewhat amusing that he lacked a clear job description and ended up doing whatever was assigned to him. He primarily reported on sports, and on one occasion, due to a lack of presenters, he was placed on air, leading to several errors in his presentation.

Unfortunately, Shaffie’s tenure at Citizen TV was cut short when the station was shut down by the late President Daniel Arap Moi during a dispute with S.K. Macharia, the owner of Royal Media Services (RMS). Following this setback, Shaffie fell into a state of depression and sought solace in alcohol.

Residing at his mother’s home in South C, Shaffie’s life spiraled into a world of alcohol and other substances. He rarely stayed at home, often partying through the night. He used some of the money he had saved from his time at Citizen TV to purchase a car, which led to tension with his mother, who questioned why he had a better car than her, despite not contributing to the household.

Despite the strained relationship, Shaffie’s mother managed to secure him an internship at Radio Africa Group, owned by Ghanaian media mogul Patrick Quarcoo, also known as PQ. Shaffie began as an intern, and after eight months, he was promoted to the position of a producer, slowly building a reputation in the entertainment industry, albeit with some negative publicity.

Quarcoo noticed Shaffie’s growing celebrity status, even though he wasn’t on air, and eventually offered him his first radio job as a presenter on Kiss FM in 2005.

In 2019, Radio Africa Group underwent significant layoffs, which included Shaffie’s co-host Kalekye Mumo. However, Quarcoo spared Shaffie and reassigned him to Homeboyz Radio as the Programs Controller, with a monthly salary of Ksh682,500.

Shaffie’s stint at Homeboyz Radio was relatively short-lived, as he made a costly mistake in March 2021, resulting in his termination. Radio Africa Group swiftly terminated his contract, along with those of his co-hosts Neville Musya and DJ Joe Mfalme, due to controversial remarks related to a rape case.

In response to his termination, Shaffie initially threatened to sue Radio Africa Group for wrongful termination, demanding compensation based on his contract and years of service. He sought legal counsel to protect his interests and preserve his entitlements.

Despite his belief that he had a strong legal case and had contributed significantly to Radio Africa Group over the years, Radio Africa responded by threatening to countersue Shaffie for breach of contract and negligence. They demanded Ksh150 million for loss of business and damage to the company’s reputation.

Radio Africa’s revenue was severely impacted when East African Breweries Limited (EABL) publicly announced a pause in advertising on Radio Africa programs hosted by the three presenters.

Recognizing the uphill battle against Radio Africa, Shaffie eventually decided not to pursue legal action and accepted his fate. As of now, he has not secured another radio gig since his termination in March 2021. However, many believe that Shaffie’s resilience will ultimately lead to a successful comeback in the industry.