Hilarious!! Kiambu Bishop Wins Motorcycle in Beer Promotion

The local community was left stunned when rumors spread that a bishop had recently won a motorcycle in a beer contest. According to reports, the clergyman had taken part in a promotion sponsored by a beer company, which ultimately led to his family’s good fortune. His wife disclosed this information to curious villagers in Ruiru, Kiambu County.

Initially, the bishop’s neighbors were curious as to where he had acquired the motorbike they frequently saw him riding. They had assumed that it was a gift from one of his followers. Despite the bishop’s desire to keep his win a secret, his wife could not resist sharing the news of her husband’s blessings after participating in the promotion.

One may wonder how the bishop became involved in a beer promotion when he stood at the altar condemning those who consumed alcohol. The answer lies in the fact that to win such promotions, participants must acquire codes from bottle tops of specific beer brands. These bottle tops can only be obtained by purchasing and consuming beer.

In essence, this situation could be compared to the Biblical story of water being turned into wine.