Comparison Between Tanzania's 175 Million State House And Ruto's 600 million Dolphin Hotel in Shanzu -

Comparison Between Tanzania’s 175 Million State House And Ruto’s 600 million Dolphin Hotel in Shanzu

The Dodoma State House is the biggest in the world and if has a great architectural design. It was constructed by the Tanzanian Army.

The project’s inception took place in 2020, with the late President John Magufuli laying the foundation stone, marking the official commencement of the building’s construction.

The expansive land on which the State House now stands is 200 times larger than its counterpart in Dar es Salaam. This development will contribute to the growth and progress of Dodoma as Tanzania’s capital and center of governance.

According to the report records, the former regime had allocated over Kshs 175 million shillings for the project. On Saturday 20th MayPresident  samia unveiled a new State House. According to the report shared by the local media the New State House is located on the outskirts of Dodoma Town in Tanzania.

President Samia Suluhu noted that the new State House has finally been unveiled 50 years later since the government of Tanzania made the decision to move the capital from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma. Impressively, the head of state revealed that the journey has received contributions from every regime that has ever led the country.

Dolphin Hotel located in Shanzu Mombasa is part of the Weston Motel complex. It has three levels that eventually have a fantastic view of the sea.

In 2016, construction on the Dolphin Housing began with the general laborer in the housing being Avco Associations Confined.

The Dolphin hotel sits on a ten acre piece of land and is estimated to have cost William Ruto at least Kshs 600 million shillings to construct it. This hotel boasts 3 floors and gives an almost complete view of the beach. The Dolphin hotel is painted in white and has 600 guest rooms making it the largest beach hotel followed by Pride Inn Paradise Hotel that accommodates 300 guests.