Shock as Man Educates Wife at Machakos University, Organizes a Wedding Only for the Wife to Leave Him for Another Man -

Shock as Man Educates Wife at Machakos University, Organizes a Wedding Only for the Wife to Leave Him for Another Man

During the well-known “Patanisho” show that airs on Radio Jambo each morning, an incident unfolded involving Ronny Korir, a 29-year-old individual hailing from Nakuru. In his message, Korir expressed a desire for reconciliation with his former spouse, Mercy Cherotich, aged 27. The two had experienced a falling out back in 2017.

Korir proceeded to elaborate on the circumstances that led to their separation. He recounted how Mercy had provided him with unwavering support throughout his four-year university journey. Their journey began in 2013 when they met, and Mercy made the decision to assist him in completing his education before embarking on building a family together.

The reasons underlying their eventual separation remained unclear to Korir. At the time, Mercy was pursuing her studies at Machakos University. He expressed his confusion over what might have driven her to leave him, resulting in their parting ways in 2017. Despite attempts to establish new relationships, Korir found that he couldn’t shake off his lingering feelings for Mercy. She remained a constant presence in his thoughts.

Korir went on to reveal that he and Mercy had already undergone a traditional marriage ceremony. However, their union hadn’t yet been graced with children.

Describing their history, Korir shared how their love story unfolded. Mercy had urged him to make a serious commitment to their partnership, particularly in terms of the support he would provide. Their relationship deepened, leading to meetings between their respective families. Throughout her schooling, Mercy frequently visited Korir’s home, a practice that continued until her final year. He had been shouldering her school fees, with the exception of her last semester.

Post their separation, Mercy entered into another relationship that eventually fizzled out. It was during this period that she reached out to Korir, seeking his forgiveness. Korir, in response, suggested that they involve their elders in a meeting. He admitted to harboring lingering pain from the past, which prevented him from actively seeking a reunion. Despite their history, including a traditional wedding, Korir emphasized that if reconciliation proved unfeasible, he urged Mercy to release him from their emotional bonds.

Regrettably, their attempt at reconciliation hit an impasse when Mercy chose to ignore Korir’s attempts to contact her. In light of this response, Korir conveyed his sentiments. He implored Mercy to grant him the freedom to move forward with his life. Addressing her directly, he expressed a lack of ill intentions and asked for forgiveness. His plea was rooted in the hope that both parties could find closure by letting go, enabling them to pursue happier lives independently.