Pritty Vishy Cries For A Man “Akuna Mwenye Anaona Hii Mzigo?”

Pritty Vishy is in search of a partner who can appreciate her for who she is, with financial stability being an important factor. As Valentine’s Day approaches, single women are preparing themselves to be noticed, just as Pritty Vishy has done.

Following her breakup with rapper Stivo Simple Boy, Pritty Vishy has been on a quest to find the perfect companion to share her life and love. Thus, she has made it public that she is actively seeking a potential boyfriend. She humorously questions the perception of men, wondering if they can truly recognize her unique qualities, particularly her physique.

In her own words, Pritty Vishy humorously expresses her desire for a suitable partner: “Swali ni akuna a potential man out here mwenye a anaona hii mzigo? Aki valentine is coming please get me out of this side 🤣🥹🥹… you guys should start dming me interview is ongoing in my dm 🤣🤣 make sure ukona pesa my fuend hio ni first qualification 🤣😝 niko serious.”

Pritty Vishy also revealed that she entered into informal relationships three times in 2022. Her first experience was when she was in the seventh grade, followed by similar “come-we-stay” arrangements during her time in Form 1 and Form 2. It’s important to note that these were not official marriages but rather cohabitation situations. Pritty has expressed her disinterest in traditional marriage and a reluctance to submit to men based on her past experiences.

Furthermore, questions regarding Pritty Vishy’s relationship with singer Madini Classic were raised last year. She clarified that she was indeed single and not romantically involved with him. According to the influencer, their unresolved issues led her to consider herself as a single woman.