‘The Giant Julius’- Julius Charles Featuring In Rose Muhando’s New Song

Rose Muhando, a Tanzanian Gospel musician, recently released a new song entitled ‘Secret Agenda’. The song focuses on defeating witchcraft and evil plans made by enemies, and how God can reverse those agendas into blessings. The accompanying music video features Julius Charles, a man who stands at an impressive 7.5ft tall.

Growing up, Julius faced difficulties due to his height and physical features. He was often teased and struggled with self-confidence, particularly in school where he stood out amongst his peers. Despite these challenges, Julius has found success in his height. He has received educational sponsorships, plays basketball, and has gained worldwide recognition and employment opportunities.

However, Julius still faces challenges in his daily life. Entering buildings and vehicles, as well as finding clothes that fit, can be difficult. People still fear him and some tend to run away when they see him. Despite these obstacles, Julius continues to thrive and inspire others through his unique and towering presence.