“Hakuna Mtu Anataka Kuteseka, I have 6 Sponsors, I pocket Ksh 63,000 from Each Every moths” Lady Says

God has always ordained marriage to be a sacred bond between one man and one woman, intended to last a lifetime. However, in today’s society, we come across various relationships that may not conform to this traditional understanding.

One such example is Teresia, a 24-year-old woman from Zambia, who has been involved in relationships with multiple sponsors. These sponsors generously fund her extravagant lifestyle. Teresia revealed the conditions set by her sponsors during an interview with Pastor Jimmy Kay.

During the interview, she asserted that no one is capable of enduring pain, implying that her association with these sponsors has provided her with a comfortable life devoid of suffering. According to Teresia, she receives a monthly allowance of Ksh 63,000 from six different sponsors, the oldest of whom is 63 years old. These sponsors cater to her every desire, fulfilling her material needs and desires.

In a somewhat bold statement, Teresia shared her expectations from future sponsors, stating “Hakuna Mtu, Anataka Kuteseka” which translates to “Nobody wants to suffer.” She firmly believes that her lifestyle deserves compensation and demands that any new sponsor must pay her Ksh 10,000 monthly, equivalent to Ksh 63,000.

Despite the controversial nature of her relationships and lifestyle, Teresia continues to embrace the financial support provided by her sponsors, seemingly without concern for the societal norms surrounding such arrangements.