Pritty Vishy: “Nimechoka Na Mapenzi ,I Just Found Out My Current Boyfriend is A Married Man”

Heartbreak has once again engulfed Pritty Vishy, the renowned and controversial Kenyan content creator evolving into an upcoming socialite. The source of her anguish stems from the revelation that she unknowingly became entangled with a married man.

In a candid and tearful address on her YouTube channel, Pritty Vishy shared the emotional turmoil she experienced upon discovering that the man to whom she had given her heart was, in fact, someone else’s husband. She expressed the deep emotional investment she had made in the relationship and recounted how the man had manipulated her emotions, leading her to fall in love with him.

This unfortunate incident marks the second occasion in 2023 that Pritty has found herself unwittingly involved with a married man. The turning point occurred when she shared a post featuring the gentleman on her social media platforms, inadvertently exposing their relationship. The repercussions were swift as the man’s wife came across the post, setting off a chain of dramatic events.

Recalling the subsequent confrontation initiated by the aggrieved wife, Pritty Vishy revealed that she was sternly warned against flirting with a man she believed was exclusively hers. Little did she know that the man was already married, and her revelation sent shockwaves through her emotional world.

The gravity of the situation resonated with Stivo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend, who empathized with Pritty, describing it as a deeply affecting relationship. Convinced that she has had enough of love, Pritty Vishy expressed her disillusionment with the opposite sex, citing a pattern of heartbreaks and discoveries of romantic entanglements with married men.

In light of these experiences, Pritty has declared her intention to embrace solitude. Despite being a self-proclaimed lover, she has come to the realization that the romantic pursuits have brought her more pain than joy. Her heartbreak was palpable as tears streamed down her face during a live camera session, underscoring the genuine emotional distress she currently grapples with.