Colonel Mustapha reveals how he plans to use fundraising money -

Colonel Mustapha reveals how he plans to use fundraising money

CAS Charles Njagua, also known as Jaguar, and his close friends have successfully raised almost Sh1 million to support rapper Colonel Mustapha, who has been struggling. Speaking while handing over the money, Jaguar revealed that Mustapha is an old friend of his, and almost 15 friends got together after hearing about his plight. According to Jaguar, Mustapha has never disrespected them, and they consider him as part of their family.

Jaguar explained that he met Mustapha when he was a young man working in a chemist in Tena, and Mustapha guided him to Ogopa studios. Jaguar was surprised to hear that Mustapha needed help, as he had never reached out to him before, and he knew that Mustapha was someone who could take care of himself.

In an interview on Trudy Kitui’s YouTube channel, Mustapha expressed his gratitude to Kenyans, including Jaguar, for their support. He assured them that the money would not be misused and that they were like family to him. The group formed to fundraise for Mustapha included people well known to him, such as Big Ted and Sonko, and they plan to deliver the money to Mustapha’s mother personally.

The group will also find ways to get Mustapha back to music, but the priority is to help him with his mother’s medical needs. Mustapha revealed that his mother is ailing and undergoing chemotherapy, and her medical needs are expensive. He thanked Jaguar for revealing how he plans to use the money and said that he will have two accounts, one for himself and one for his mother.

In addition to Jaguar and his friends’ fundraising efforts, Kenyans of goodwill have also contributed over Sh600k after Twitter bigwig Fauz Khalid appealed to KOT. This was after a video of Mustapha working at a construction site went viral. Mustapha later explained that he had to find a means to earn a living as things had gotten tough, and he did not want to ask for help.

Once Mustapha’s mother returns to good health, he plans to fix her home, as her dream is to go to Mecca. Jaguar and his friends’ fundraising efforts and the contributions of Kenyans of goodwill have been a lifeline for Mustapha and his family during a difficult time.