Embu men complain wives beat them, won't have sex -
Embu men complain wives beat them, won't have sex
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Embu men complain wives beat them, won’t have sex

Men in Embu region have raised complains over what they call rampant abuse by their spouses and children.

They complained of maltreatment, denial of intimate rights on wobbly grounds and ‘cold wars’ inside their homes by their families.

Men from InuaWazee Self Help Group in Kiriari, Embu North, have, hence, engaged the government to intercede.

The said group pinned the assaults on increased drug use in the area and substance abuse among the youth.

They said at when they report the abuse by their companions to the police, they are disparaged and dismissed as cowards. Their family roles have been decreased and they can no longer lead as the family heads no more.

“Men have been sidelined and we are not important anymore. Women have taken over as we have no power. We cannot report mistreatment to the police and whenever you try fighting back, the police act very harshly,” InuaWazee patron Joseph Wega said.

He said the circumstance has contributed to dissatisfaction and depression among men, which has brought about raising suicide cases among men in the region.

“We are facing difficult moments in our families; we cannot enjoy marriage. We urge the government to empower men and consider balanced treatment of both men and women in the county,” InuaWazee chairman Samuel Muturi.

The men have formed a self help group to unite and have a voice in situations where one of them faces difficulties in the family.

“I encourage men all over the county to consider forming such groups to have power and for their voices to be heard. This will allow men to have their rights considered,” David Murage said.