Woman With No Face Eats and Breathes thru’ Her Mouth

Amina, a 78-year-old woman, will surprise you when you look at her face. Her teeth are visible, but you can’t see her eyes or nose. Her face appeared to be completely covered in herself.

She was born with this problem, making it challenging for her to express her emotions to others. She admits that as she has grown older, she has discovered how to embrace her disability as part of God’s plan. When she was baptized, she made the decision to accept her situation.

But her tale is challenging. Amina’s parents tried to get her the best therapy available at the time when they saw her condition but were unsuccessful, so she eventually moved out on her own.

Surprising herself, she got a man who came in to marry her, though she had never expected it.

The man got married, and the two cohabited. However, they subsequently got divorced for reasons unrelated to Amina’s condition.

Following the divorce, Amina experienced a number of health issues, particularly with her injured leg.

According to her account, her health issues drove her to a place of absolute misery, where she remained until she came back.

“I went to hell, I was there, when I came back I had lost my senses and was unable to see, even my ears are half dead, if you don’t speak loud, I can;t hear you,” she declared.

As she recalls, her life is challenging, particularly as a result of her social isolation.