Meet Macuka Muriithi, The Presidential Aspirant Who Has Promised To Revive Economy If Elected President Come 2022.

A young man has declared his interest in becoming Kenya’s 5th president and pledged to revive the country’s economy if he wins the presidential race.

Macuka Muriithi declared his interest in the country’s top seat and said that he will focus on industrialization.

Muriithi added that he will create jobs through wooing investors who will in return construct industries to absorb skilled and non skilled citizens.

“Under my leadership, I’ll woo investors to invest in Kenya and every county will have new industries coming up. Local industries will also increase with the ease of doing business thus creating more jobs and expanding our economy. A total ban on imports of goods produced locally will be effected immediately I take over. This will ensure local industries have room to grow. Textile and sugar industries are some of those set to be rejuvenated by this decision,” he said.

“Am really salivating at the prospect of succeeding Uhuru Kenyatta. I think on matters of infrastructure which is the basis of economic growth he’s done extremely well,” said Macuka.

“Corruption is another issue that has caused us all sorts of problems. The reason it has not been addressed by our current leaders is that they all have a dark past,” he declared.

“One way or another they’ve been involved in corrupt practices. It’s therefore hard for a thief to catch another even if he/she stopped stealing. This means only someone with a clean slate like myself can fight the vice fully,” he explained.