Fired? Why Oga Obinna has left Kiss FM

Oga Obinna, who was formerly a co-host at Kiss 100 alongside Kamene Goro, has parted ways with the radio station in a similar manner to his former colleague. According to reports, it was a mutual decision not to renew his contract, and as a result, he has left the station a year after joining.

When interviewed by Kalondu Musyimi, Oga Obinna stated that he had completed his contract and was no longer affiliated with Kiss 100. He expressed gratitude for his time at the station, stating that he had achieved his dreams and accomplished everything he had set out to do. He also mentioned that any future endeavors would be additional to what he had already accomplished, whether it be employment or personal goals.

Ghafla wishes Oga Obinna the best in all of his future endeavors.