Mutua’s ex Lillian Ngang’a advise to Linet Toto -

Mutua’s ex Lillian Ngang’a advise to Linet Toto

Bomet Women’s Rep Linet Toto has announced her engagement on Valentine’s Day through photos shared on social media. In the pictures, the lawmaker is being proposed to by her little-known lover, with rose petals and lit candles spread on the floor. The man is seen kneeling on one knee while Toto holds a bouquet of flowers. Toto shared her excitement on social media, calling her bae her “one in a million.” She went on to promise to be an extraordinary partner who can always make her bae laugh and see the world with.

In another post, Toto shared a lengthy message expressing her love for her fiancé, Godfrey Kimutai. She describes their new life together as a “golden gilded cage” where they tied the knot. Toto promises to make all of Kimutai’s days feel like an adventure and hopes they will succeed in their innumerable aspirations.

Kimutai has been identified as a banker and businessman in Bomet County. He shared a Bible verse on his Facebook page that says, “Isiah 60:22. He will perfect it His own time. Says the Lord.” The couple has received an outpouring of love and congratulations from social media users.

Check out what Lillian’s followers had to say below;

Fessy Jay@fessy_jay·  But when Raila refers elected leaders “m*l*ya” is where you draw the line

Kelvin [email protected]· We shinda hapo

42vick@liberalvic· She’s a politician what do you expect

171Nels@NelsRonoh· pole old girl

87JAMBA@JambaKen· Understand the difference between you two. Linet is an elected leader, you’re not.

166🅓︎🅞︎🅣︎🅣︎🅘︎🅔︎🅢︎@ItsDottiez· Leave the woman rep alone. You can as well as look for that seat. Toto is a politician

38Ntabo Ntabo@AndyNtabo· I know where the cringing comes from but she is saying the truth! Is it because she is addressing @RailaOdinga ? Mr. Odinga is a public figure and he should expect criticisms and accolades in equal measure age notwithstanding!