Nadia Mukami: I Charge Ksh.3.3 Million For Collabos.

Nadia Mukami, a renowned and highly acclaimed Kenyan female singer, has recently disclosed her rate card for collaborations with fellow musicians and record labels. This marks the first time she has made this information public, shedding light on her professional requirements.

During an interview on Radio Maisha, Nadia candidly expressed that she no longer engages in collaborations without compensation. As the CEO of Sevens Music record label and a prominent figure in the industry, Nadia has positioned herself as a distinguished brand. Consequently, independent artists seeking her feature on their songs are expected to pay a fee of $15,000 USD, which is equivalent to approximately Ksh. 2 million.

Additionally, Nadia has established a separate rate card for collaborations with record labels. To be featured in a collaboration with her, record labels are required to pay $25,000 USD, which is equivalent to around Ksh. 3.3 million. This clear-cut rate card provides a transparent framework for any potential collaboration with Nadia Mukami.

In contrast, Nadia’s husband, Arrow Bwoy, shared a different perspective regarding collaborations and monetary value. While he acknowledged the importance of compensation, he emphasized the significance of establishing a genuine connection and chemistry with his collaborators. Arrow Bwoy expressed that some collaborations hold such artistic value and potential that he might charge up to $30,000 USD. However, he also mentioned that he is open to certain collaborations without a financial arrangement if there is a strong vibe and the music has the potential to become a hit.

In conclusion, Nadia Mukami’s public announcement regarding her rate card for collaborations provides transparency and establishes clear expectations for artists and record labels interested in working with her. Meanwhile, Arrow Bwoy emphasizes the importance of creative synergy and chemistry in his collaborations, valuing the artistic merit of a project over financial compensation.