Jackie Matubia Reveals Why She Will Be Taking A Break From Social Media

Jackie Matubia has announced that she will be taking a break from social media for a few weeks in order to focus on a large project that requires her full attention. In a video posted on her YouTube channel, she explained that the project has been causing her frustration and that she needs time away to fully devote herself to it.

“Big shout out to every person pushing, trust me, funny enough it might look like things are not from me, it might seem that there is a storm for me like right now I ‘m in a storm and I feel like I have done this but something is hitting me,” Jackie said in the video.

She went on to explain that she tried working on the project but found that it wasn’t working out. “Are you going to tell them the truth? That you don’t do that because you tried it and it didn’t work,” said Blessing, a friend of Jackie’s who was also in the video.

Jackie acknowledged that she had been struggling with the project for a while, saying, “For a whole week I used to cry, I wake up it’s still the same, kwanza it’s even worse.” Despite this, she expressed determination to push through and overcome the challenges she’s facing.

Blessing, who admitted to not fully understanding what Jackie was going through at first, expressed his pride and gratitude for her strength and determination. “When you see someone come out of that you see how much strength it takes, coz siwezi kukutoa, you have to get the strength to come out and I’m grateful and proud of you,” he said.

In conclusion, Jackie Matubia will be taking a break from social media to focus on a large project that has been causing her frustration and to which she wants to fully devote her time and energy. She is determined to overcome the challenges she is facing and her friend is proud and grateful of her strength and determination.