Tesla Model X Wheel Design And Interior-E SUV -

Tesla Model X Wheel Design And Interior-E SUV

Tesla Model X Wheel

Tesla is a pioneer  power and electric motor world, a truly phenomenal and a great achievement in automobile industry. Model X was given   skeleton of mid-size fully electric equipped crossover vehicle. The exclusivity resides in its gull wing doors rather than the traditionalist. This exemplar model was unearthed in 2012 in Hawthorne California. Tesla model X wheel, has an EPA rated 237-295 mi (381-475km).

The original design of X comes from Tesla S ancestor of this beauty and the beast. Global cumulative sales inception of 106,689 units that ranks seventh in the world most favorite plug in cars.

Design for Tesla Model X

With a panoramic windshield, according to CEO Elon Musk, the safest SUV if front or side impact crash occurs. With a collision avoidance system equipped with radar based autonomous emergency braking (AEB) not only but also gives itself an edge on the all the others of its type.

Specifications for  Model X

Company did plan to offer a rear wheel drive but ended up installing AWD. The standard AWD has 259 hp on both rear and front motors.lastly Tesla model  X wheel design,has an optional tow bar that can pull up to 2300 kilograms.

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