TBT Photo of Daniel Moi, Tom Mboya and Charles Njonjo Playing Football for Bunge FC Sparks Reactions

The Kenyan parliament football club, the Bunge FC which is still in existence to date draws its footballers from the members of the National Assembly and the Senate. The MPs and the Senators. A TBT Photo has been shared of some of the former high ranking government officials who also played for the team.

A TBT Photo of former President Late Daniel Moi, Tom Mboya and former attorney general the late Charles Njonjo has sparked reactions online. The photo was shared by Homabay Town Member of Parliament Peter Opondo Kaluma.

The photo reveals the 3 former powerful Kenyan leaders spotting football jerseys branded with Kenyan colours of the national flag and a coat of arms.

Daniel Moi served as the Kenyan President, Tom Mboya was a renowned trade unionist and also served as the minister of Economic planning and development. Njonjo is the longest serving Attorney General in Kenya’s history.