Nicki Bigfish Asks For Financial Help To Assist Treatment of his Dad’s Cancerous Head Tumor

Kenyan prankster Nicki Bigfish has made a heartfelt plea for financial assistance to help cover his father’s medical treatment. In a recent announcement, he disclosed the distressing news regarding his father’s health. It was revealed that his father has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, necessitating urgent surgery that comes with a substantial financial burden.

As the weight of the impending hospital bills looms large, Nicki Bigfish has reached out to his followers and the general public, humbly asking for their support during this challenging period. He acknowledged the gravity of the situation and sought help from those who follow him.

Amid these difficult circumstances, Bigfish expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming flood of prayers and kind messages he and his family have received. He acknowledged the impending emergency surgery for his father and noted that the associated hospital expenses are posing a significant financial challenge for him.

In response to his appeal, fans and friends flooded the comment section with words of encouragement, expressing their love and support for Nicki and his family as they navigate this trying time. They extended their heartfelt wishes for his father’s speedy recovery.