Senator ISAAC MWAURA’s wife, MUKAMI, speaks on her battle with depression – All that glitters is not gold.

Mukami Mwaura, the wife of nominated Senator, Isaac Mwaura, struggled with depression after she lost 2 of her three kids.

The couple welcomed triplets in 2017 but sadly, two of them died after being admitted to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

“In 2017 I delivered triplets but I lost two of the babies. I was left with a boy who is currently 5 years old. One of the kids passed after two days, the other after three months,” she said in an interview.

Her stay in the hospital was traumatizing as she had to watch doctors try to resuscitate her babies to no avail.

She fell into depression after the kids died and had to be admitted to the hospital.

 “At some point, I had to be admitted to the hospital for depression, I was dealing with postpartum depression and trauma depression. felt alone because I did not know anyone, and my husband and family did not know how to help me. I was a new mum, was also grieving,” she added.

She had also lost her job while 6 months pregnant.

When she interacted with other women who had lost their kids, she realized she was not alone.

This prompted her to start an organization dubbed Kena to support mothers with premature babies.

Kena is also a place to seek information to help mothers with premie babies on how to help them live and thrive. We also offer mental support, and provide mental awareness,” she said.