What Tesla Autopilot Can See In A Rainstorm

tesla Autopilot model


The main concern about self-driving vehicles is how the will react to climate change.Tesla though has given us a clue of our worries. This is after a look of what Tesla Autopilot can see in a rainstorm.

Previous year, we were introduced to better understanding of what the Tesla Autopilot could see. Credited to Damian XVI and the Tesla hackers ‘’VERYGREEN’’.

Due to their administration access to Tesla’s Autopilot ECU they have being giving us a rare glimpse of what tesla Autopilot can see and interpolate from last summer.

Just months ago, they proved too good t it.Likewise tesla was driving in Paris through the eyes of autopilot. This time with Tesla’s latest version of Autopilot in the new version 9 software.

In a new video verygreen is sharing what Tesla Autopilot is able to detect during rainstorms.

The overall performance appears to be quite something although there are still some minor issues to iron out, like the visual detection which sometimes appear to be lacking.

With Tesla having held its Autonomy day. It gave detailed information about its plans to develop full self-driving capability. Although using its vision based system currently applied on Autopilot.


Although not perfect representations of what Tesla’s system is able to detect through its sensor suite. It’s the best we have and it’s coming from a third-party. That’s more than we can say about any company developing self-driving capability other than maybe other open pilots.

Tesla is the only major company developing autonomous driving systems and is being reviewed currently.

Always remember Autopilot is meant to be a driver’s assistant always be ready to take control anytime.

Better than the current sensors used to drive cars: human eyes. Objects like that are going to build confidence in self-driving tech.

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