SWEET Words Mulamwah Told his in-laws about Marrying Ruth ‘bestie’

Mulamwah and Ruth have seemingly influenced their parents to adopt the endearing term “besties” to describe each other. On Saturday, October 28, the comedian gathered his family members and took them to Ruth’s residence for a traditional marriage ceremony, an event that was captured on his YouTube channel. The video provided a glimpse behind the scenes of this special day, including heartfelt speeches.

During the introduction ceremony, Ruth’s parents affectionately referred to themselves as “besties,” and Mulamwah’s father also followed suit while holding his wife.

Ruth’s father shared a cute remark during the event, expressing gratitude, “Hapa niko na beste, I want to thank God for today because there are two things a parent can’t easily find in someone, the first being a man.”

Mulamwah, known for his privacy, took a rare moment to share a picture of his father, showing his pride in the family connection. He introduced his father to his fans on Instagram, writing, “PAPA ♥️♥️♥️, always there, proud to be a chip off the old block. The day was truly special. Watch how it all unfolded with our beloved ‘besties’ – link in my bio.”

The guests chuckled, understanding that “besties” is the term Mulamwah affectionately uses. He also expressed his shyness when it came to addressing the in-laws, saying, “I am a man of few words. My name is Kendrick Mulamwah on Facebook, but my birth name is David Oyando. We are very grateful for the warm welcome you have given us, and we are happy. Let’s continue to enjoy because it’s a big celebration. Thank you; it’s very important.”