King Kalala Has Revealed That Her Dad Gave Her KSh 3,000 And Kicked Her out of His Home

During a recent interview, King Kalala, a well-known radio host, opened up about her journey as a content creator and the challenges she faced along the way. She emphasized the importance of being financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically prepared before having a child, cautioning against the risks of single parenting.

Kalala shared her personal experience of dropping out of school and being forced to choose between paying school fees and receiving KSh 3,000 to start her life. She explained that her father, who was an academician, wanted her to finish school at JKUAT, but she found a passion elsewhere.

In regards to single parenting, Kalala advised against having children without being financially stable and ending up relying on handouts. She highlighted the fact that having children is a decision, and it is crucial to be mentally, financially, emotionally, and physically ready before embarking on that journey.

More recently, Kalala spoke out against members of the LGBTQ+ community who falsely alleged that model Edwin Chiloba’s murder was because he was gay. She criticized the community for not apologizing for their false claims and causing unnecessary drama. Kalala believes that people should be held accountable for their actions and statements, especially when they have negative consequences.

In conclusion, King Kalala’s journey as a content creator has not been easy, but she has persevered and achieved great success. She is a strong advocate for personal responsibility and believes that everyone should be accountable for their actions and decisions.