“Akothee Is A School Dropout, I’m An Academic Dwarf But We Are The Richest Musicians” Ringtone Slams ‘Broke’ Nameless, Nadia Mukami

Ringtone publicly criticized Nameless, Nadia Mukami, and other well-educated celebrities, claiming that despite their academic achievements, they are not as wealthy as him. He argued that education is not the ultimate determinant of success in life.

In a surprising twist, Ringtone dismissed a ranking of the most educated celebrities in Kenya, proudly highlighting that Kenya’s richest musicians lack impressive academic backgrounds. He specifically pointed out Akothee as a successful individual despite being a school dropout, while many highly educated individuals struggle financially.

Taking to social media, Ringtone expressed his critique of the highly educated Kenyan celebrities, employing a noticeably poor command of English to emphasize his point.

“I must say, Nameless, Savara, Nduvu, Nadia—these are musicians who possess substantial educational qualifications in ??—degrees galore! However, @citizentvkenya conveniently fails to disclose that they are all financially challenged, struggling to make ends meet. Education, in reality, does not bring about financial prosperity. Look at @akotheekenya, a school dropout, yet she leads a luxurious life. Personally, I am not on their level. Knowledge isn’t everything; instead, it is diligence, hard work, sacrifice, and faith in God that truly matter. I stand as the wealthiest musician in East Africa ?????,” Ringtone conveyed.