Auntie Jemimah Announces The Birth of Her Daughter

Kenyan actress and media personality Auntie Jemimah has announced that she welcomed her newborn daughter one month ago.Sharing on Instagram, auntie Jemimah said carrying a rainbow child is the hardest thing because one is constantly worried.

She said that it was rewarding hearing the Cry of her newborn baby after pushing a stillborn baby in 2021.

“On this day one month ago, my rainbow baby girl arrived at 12:10pm. To say that im happy is an understatement because my heart is full! Carrying a rainbow baby is one of the hardest journey any woman would go through because you’re constantly worrying ,being Supa cautious,getting all sorts of unsolicited opinions and so much more. But it is rewarding! Hearing the cry of my little baby was all the healing I needed after pushing a still baby in 2021.”

Auntie Jemimah advised all mother’s to go to the clinic once they find out they are pregnant.

“Go for that clinic the moment you find out you’re pregnant. Get all tests done in good time. I got Gestational Diabetes at 24weeks . I will share this and more soon! For now I just want to celebrate.”

She went ahead to thank her fans for standing by her side and encouraged all mother’s who have gone through loss.

“So this my dear fans,family and friends is an encouragement to you who has lost,once or twice or severally ,there’s hope! Trust the timing! Your reward might come immediately like mine did(I conceived 3months after Makena) or it might take time.Whatever the case,keep the faith,walk with your doctor ,invest in a good medical facility,get insurance,and get therapy.”

Happy new year Fam!😊

Meet My rainbow baby girl.


My Mekeba.

Congratulations Auntie Jemimah.