Health State of Young Woman Robbed at Gun Point at Her House in Rongai

Police have given a report on the current state of a woman who was robbed at gunpoint on twelfth June 2am at her home on Gataka Road, Ongata Rongai.

As indicated by a report by the standard, police spokesperson Bruno Shioso said that the casualty was very traumatized by the robbery but fortunately, she was not abused or injured by the men.

She is presently under security since investigations are as yet ongoing. Her househelp who opened the gate is additionally under protection.

Two individuals have so far been arrested in association with the robbery caught on CCTV. The robbers were 5 altogether.

They emerged as the victim was driving inside her home and armed with a panga and AK-47 gun, they stole things inside her car before frog marching her to the house where they also stole several items.

Both the suspects who are in police custody were arrested in Nairobi. No cash was recorvered from them.