Online Professional Gaming has taken a new high in Kenya.
With most brands running online contests on Facebook and
Twitter, a select group of individuals has taken this as a
route for enriching themselves, and you can’t fault them.
You must have seen articles online claiming that Safaricom
employees play online games and reward themselves. The
claims sound true, unless you dig deeper into this issue. Take
this list for example that was shared by Robert Alai https:// gist.github.com/anonymous/64a140f5308a33f3976d. He sensationally claimed that these accounts are used by
Safaricom employees to win Safaricom’s online contests. I
looked at it and decided to do a better analysis, the findings
were shocking! I picked out one name, and decided to run it and see how
many Safaricom contests they had won. I realized that these
people do not win Safaricom contests only! They have won in
all contests run by brands in Kenya! Take a look for yourself… Paul Nderitu. Good job I love your effort and dedication. Go
to sleep now it’s very late. Lets do this tomorrow. Gudnyt — TGIF Partysmart (@TGIFPartysmart) April 30, 2013 Post by Bj’s Store. Post by ZUKU University Basketball League. – ZUBL . Congratulations to Paul Nderitu for winning the World Cup
Selfie contest & a DStv decoder + 1month subscription FREE pic.twitter.com/nXojyJz2G9 — I&M Bank Ltd (@imbankke) July 11, 2014 Congratulations to Paul Nderitu, winner of a Samsung Galaxy
Pocket with #SU7s. Log on to https://t.co/kdWselrfVU pic.twitter.com/DgfeIv13bn — Safaricom Limited (@SafaricomLtd) August 27, 2014

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