“Stivo simple boy Ni Mali Safi mjulus pia iko nono,” Wanja Wa Kihii was Ready To Settle Have kids With Stivo Simple Boy

Kenyan rapper Stephen Otieno Adera, better known as Stivo Simple Boy, has once again caused a stir on social media by unveiling his new romantic partner to the Kenyan public.

The celebrated artist sparked a wave of discussions online when images surfaced showing him and up-and-coming rapper Wanja Wa Kihii strolling hand in hand through the streets, displaying affection.

Wanja Wa Kihii recently gained online fame with her viral hit song, where she openly criticized prominent figures in the music industry, including Khaligraph Jones, Mejja, and Samidoh. Additionally, she claimed that Tanzanian Bongo star Diamond Platnumz had tried to initiate a romantic relationship with her via direct messages.

In an interview with local YouTubers, Stivo Simple Boy expressed his admiration for Wanja Wa Kihii’s beauty, declaring that he has found true love. He showered Wanja with affectionate words, expressing his readiness to commit to a long-term relationship and start a family with the talented songstress. He stated, “Huyu ni mpoa wangu. Nataka mimuoa na tuwe na watoto,” translating to, “She is my cool one. I want to marry her and have children.”

Responding to rejection from Kaveve Kazoze artist Ngesh wa Vasha, Wanja Wa Kihii remarked, “Alikataa mali Safi, shauri yake. Sasa hii ni Mali yangu. I am Stivo’s only wife, there is no one else.”

Both Stivo and Wanja vehemently denied accusations of seeking publicity to promote new music, emphasizing the genuineness of their love. They also issued a stern warning to their ex-partners, cautioning against any interference in their burgeoning relationship.

Interestingly, just a few days prior, Stivo Simple Boy had openly expressed his deep affection for Ngesh wa Vasha, who turned down his advances, revealing her commitment to a stable relationship.