I started cooking for bachelor’s and made my first million at 26 – Chepchikoni

Renowned within social circles for her delectable culinary creations, Hodiah Chepchirchir, also known as Chepchikoni, has garnered a substantial online following. Today, she stands as the proud owner of Chepchikoni Eateries, a manifestation of her lifelong passion for cooking.

From an early age, Chepchirchir harbored a deep-seated love for the culinary arts. What began as a simple hobby soon evolved into a thriving business venture. Initially catering to individual clients, she quickly gained recognition for her personalized meal services, which involved cooking and packaging meals for bachelors to enjoy throughout the week.

Harnessing the power of online platforms, Chepchirchir expanded her reach and attracted a significant customer base. With determination and prudent financial management, she saved up and inaugurated her inaugural eatery in 2019, located on Lumumba Drive. Subsequently, she ventured into additional locations, including one in an industrial area and another near USIU. Ambitious and driven, she sets her sights on establishing 40 restaurants by the time she reaches 40 years of age.

At 28, Chepchirchir adeptly manages her three eateries, laying the groundwork for further expansion in the coming years. Reflecting on her journey, she expresses gratitude for achieving her first million at the age of 26, a testament to her entrepreneurial acumen and hard work.

Recalling her humble beginnings, Chepchirchir reminisces about launching her business with a mere Ksh50 investment, prompted by a request to cook for a client. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing opportunities and seizing them, underscoring the role of faith and determination in overcoming challenges.

To ensure the efficient operation of her eateries, Chepchirchir has appointed skilled chefs and managers at each location, a strategic move that enhances investor appeal and fosters business growth. As she looks ahead to the future, she envisions further expansion and success, propelled by her unwavering dedication and entrepreneurial spirit.