Seven characteristics every 'mpango wa kando' should have

Seven characteristics every ‘mpango wa kando’ should have

Anyone who is usually not satisfied with one person as a partner always resorts to find ‘greener pastures’ in secret.

These greener pastures are more commonly referred to as ‘Mpango wa Kando’ in Swahili, meaning a side-plan in case the main plan fails.

Though it is considered ‘cheating’ to have a mpango wa kando when you have a main chick or a husband, some side relationships sometimes are even stronger than the main one.

Over the years, mpango wa kandos have been perceived as people who destroy marriages however, there are some who actually value their relationships even if they are exercised in secret.

Some mpango wa kandos are so good you could easily mistake them for the main chick, wife or husband.

There are several reasons why couples value side-relationships.

Do you have a mpango wa kando? If you do then here are signs that your relationship is destined for greatness:

Good s*x

Admit it guys. Your mpango wa kando always satisfies you sexually – better than anyone else. Most people usually have side dishes because they usually don’t get explosive intimacies at home.

Once the thrill of having s*x with your spouse dies, you resort to finding a younger being capable of rekindling your bedroom game. Deny it, I’ll wait.

Never calls you at awkward times

A good mpango wa kando who values the relationship would never risk calling you when you are at home with your wife/husband and kids.

Phone calls from secret lovers late at night usually stir up problems in relationships leading to painful break-ups if the act goes on for too long and your spouse finds out.

Respects your family

A proper secret lover will always want to know how your family is doing and would never get in the way of your marital affairs.

If you are a man, she will never say anything cruel about your wife or girlfriend and if you are a lady, he will never try to pluck you out of your relationship.

She is flexible only for you

If your mpango wa kando makes time for you whenever you need to see them, then that relationship is strong my friend.

A secret lover who always shows up when you call and is never late shows you how good that relationship is, even if it’s unwanted and not official.

Introduces you to her friends effortlessly

They will never shy off from introducing you to their friends, even if the friends know you’re taken already. They will introduce you as a lover, not as a friend with little or no effort at all.

They make their friends know that you are a secret lover and plan to keep it that way.

She never pushes you to introduce her to your friends and folks

Good mpango wa kandos will never stress you about wanting to know your friends and family. They want you, period.

They already know they are secret lovers so there’s no point in stressing you about your friends and folks.

Steps in for you – financially

Though this applies to the ‘Sponsor – Sugar Mummy’ situation, a secret lover who cares about your financial wellbeing is a good one.

Not that having one is recommended but, it shows you that he/she values you as a person and doesn’t want you to suffer financially when they can chip in anytime – if they have the cash.

See guys, mpango wa kandos are not so bad, that’s if they display the above characteristics.

Anyway, respect your marriages and relationships.